Boost your next company social with Humby!

Create a fun social space in one click for employees to mingle and switch freely between 1:1s and groups.

Think Zoom breakout rooms are a pain?

Humby automatically creates small, social groups to let people connect and easily move between them!

Want to add easy networking to your webinar?

Just share the link to your Humby, your guests only have to enter their name to get in. No signup required!

Your attendees get more out of each event

People have meaningful conversations in small groups, making new friends and finding new connections.

In the office, mobile or from your couch!

Humby works in the browser on any device, no app, install, or updates needed!

Ready to try?

Create your first Humby now, it's free for up to 50 people.

Get your private Humby

Only 3 simple steps

1. Get your Humby

No account or credit card required, just choose a name and we'll give you a link to share.

2. Share the link

Put the link on your website, send it out via chat, social media or email. Use it standalone or add it as part of your Meetup, webinar, or conference.

3. Get social

Your guests just need to enter their name to join. Humby will automatically create new groups when more guests join, keeping it easy and social.


You need a custom solution?

You like the concept, but need something special for your business.
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Not sure yet?

Jump into one of our public spaces and see Humby in action.
Or book an individual demo, and we will show you around.

Create your Humby


Create your Humby

Create your own Humby, no account or credit card required to get started, just choose a name and get a link to share.


Invite People

Put the link on your website or send it out via chat or email. Use it standalone or add it as part of your Webinar.


Start networking

Attendees can just need to enter their Name and can join right away.

Online Social Spaces
to network and meet new people

All barriers removed

Runs in a browser
No signup required
No installation needed


People are split into small groups automatically and they can move around as they want.

Mobile friendly

Runs on your desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device.


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